Jim Perrett
Acoustic Guitar Stylist
Blues     Parisian Swing     American Primitive


  1. Rambling On My Mind by Robert Johnson  Dobro Duolian

  2. Dance of the Purse Snatcher by Jim Perrett  12 String Slide Guitar
        Times Square, New York City ~ A woman engrossed in conversation was waiting at an intersection for a light.              Suddenly a blur of a man darted out from her left, turned her around full circle and, never breaking his stride,                sprinted across the street and vanished. We informed the bewildered woman that she had just enjoyed an                    afternoon reel with an inept purse snatcher.

  3. Kindhearted Woman Blues by Robert Johnson 6 String Guitar & Harmonica

  4. Reynardine Traditional  6 String Guitar

  5. Winin' Boy Blues by Jelly Roll Morton  6 String Guitar

  6. After Hours by Jim Perrett  6 String Guitar
         Musicians stay on when audiences have long gone and make music for themselves. This song is dedicated                  to the memory of a great jazz guitarist, Jim McClendon, and the good times we had "after hours".

  7. Come On In My Kitchen by Robert Johnson  Dobro Duolian

  8. Cold Cold Ground by Jim Perrett  12 String Slide Guitar   
​        Our destiny in the North for six months every year and then, forever.

  9. Me and the Devil Blues by Robert Johnson  Dobro Duolian

10. Dreamy Eyed Girl by Hambone Willie Newburn  6 String & Harmonica 

11. Walking Blues by Robert Johnson  Dobro Duolian

12. Cheap Snails by Jim Perrett  12 String Guitar
        Montreal, Canada  ~ Not long after our arrival in this food mecca, my wife and I discovered the incredible                     availability of escargots. Guided by locals like the haberdasher who sold me a great felt beret, we began a                   week-long bizarre game of finding the best and least expensive snail experience. 


"Perrett is a fine acoustic blues guitarist. The good thing about this set is that he came up with a couple of stunning original instrumentals. On "Dance of the Purse Snatcher" and "Cold, Cold Ground" he plays some great 12-string slide guitar. I mean these are truly awesome performances."
~ Tim Livingston, The Glass Eye, Toledo, Ohio

"I love your stuff; the best versions of Robert Johnson I've heard in ages, and your other stuff's great too."
~Micah Solomon, President,  Oasis Duplication

"Jim is a tasteful guitar player. I especially liked his feel for what to put in and what to leave out of a blues tune. The music has a sensitivity that appealed to me strongly. Of these tunes, I especially liked his read on "Dreamy Eyed Girl". A real talent."
~ Bruce Iglauer, President , Alligator Records, Chicago, Illinois

"I really enjoyed the music. It made me realize how emotional and simple and direct acoustic music is."
~ Tom Teach Kaceyeski, WRMU, Mount Union College

“Following in the tradition of the Blues masters, Jim’s album is a great experience. There are not many people who play the guitar this way anymore, so I urge you to check out Jim’s work.” 
Songwriter’s Monthly  

"Acoustic blues is driven by vocal personality and technical prowess. Jim Perrett has plenty of both plus a sense of blues history, as his selection of covers (which are as much his as his originals are) proves. Jim's disc does a good job of capturing the attention-holding mood of his live performances."
~ Geoff Wilbur, Publisher/Editor Renegade Newsletter, East Lansing, Michigan

Cheap Snails Sample 

                CD sold out and is currently unavailable.

With the goal of producing a recording in the 
same way that he performed live, Perrett 
choose songs that were the most enjoyed
by his audiences at the time. "Cheap Snails" 
was recorded in one take to an analog tape 
with no sound enhancements or overdubs.